Buhari Has Judiciary, National Assembly Under His Armpit – Buba Galadima


President Muhammadu Buhari has been blamed by a chieftain for the Peoples Democratic Party, Buba Galadima, of having the judiciary and the National Assembly, “totally under his armpit and pocket.”

Galadima while talking on Channels Television’s Politics Today blamed the President for scaring and gagging the judiciary, he expressed this while responding to claims that a few “companions of this legislature” are attempting to control cases in court.

He likewise assaulted the President for neglecting to sign the Electoral Amendment Bill in spite of being passed by the National Assembly weeks to the 2019 general race.

Galadima expressed that the choice of the president not to sign the bill is because of the arrangement of the administration to fix the race, a choice which caused contradiction between the official and lawmaking body.

“This legislature is scaring the judiciary. You have heard in the social and print media of specific companions of this administration visiting judges, attempting to form their sentiment on the cases before them.”

“We have the leader of an administration who accepts that he will initially blame you and it will be your obligation to substantiate yourself honest.”

“There is no spot, no nation on the planet where you are denounced and you substantiate yourself blameless. The President has reliably remained on this guarantee and since he has the total judiciary under his armpit and the National Assembly inside the pocket, we Nigerians are in a tough situation.”

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