Dj Arafat fans broke his coffin and tore his clothes to confirm his death

Entombment of Dj Arafat: Some reports on informal organizations state that the late Deejay was disturbed by a portion of his fans who are irate in light of the fact that they were not taken to his internment exercises.

In a video circling on interpersonal organizations, fans could be seen assaulting the late artist’s grave. They broke the box and detached their garments while leaving the body holding back to be covered.

An online life report composed:

Pitiful! Scarcely hours after DJ Arafat was buried,Hoodlums storm his tomb,pulled out his coffin &tore his garments! As per sources,DJ Arafat’s fans famously called “Chinoise”expressed outrage after they were kept from participating in the internment custom.

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