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Just in: Late Abubakar Audu’s son sues APC over Kogi primary

One of the sons of previous Kogi state representative, Prince Abubakar Audu, who was precluded from taking part in the governorship essential of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kogi state, Mustapha Audu, hosts hauled the get-together under the watchful eye of a Lokoja High Court trying to upswing the result of the essential.

Mustapha Audu had attempted fruitlessly to stop the essential which was finished up on Thursday and won by Governor Yahaya Bello.

In the suit for which no date has been fixed for notice, Audu asserted he was unjustifiably rejected from the essential by the National Working Committee.

He asserted that he met all the customary criteria of being chosen and has been chosen as one of the governorship competitors of the gathering however was prohibited from the activity by the NWC without experiencing the set down procedure for the determination of the hopefuls.

He additionally guaranteed that “the Defendant National Working Committee unreasonably avoided the Claimant name in the rundown of cleared wannabes being a power obscure to the history and convention of ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS and which tried to usurp the Claimants’ privileges known as Governorship Aspirant.”

He in this way requested that the court make a revelation that his avoidance of the rundown of governorship competitors is break of his entitlement to reasonable hearing and that is unlawful, invalid and void, an assertion that the Defendants’ direct of its screening activity was in rupture of the letters and soul of the gathering Constitution.

He is additionally looking for a request for court guiding the gathering to incorporate his name on the rundown of those challenging the gathering essential.

Mustapha was excluded for supposedly not being an individual from the gathering and excluding his introduction to the world testament/statement of age in his assignment structure.

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