NO MORE MR NICE GUY Luke Campbell ready to switch off golden boy charm when he faces pound-for-pound king Vasyl Lomachenko

LUKE CAMPBELL will switch off the golden-boy charm and become a bad man on Saturday night when he tries to batter pound-for-pound king Vasiliy Lomachenko to defeat.

The baby-faced London 2012 Olympic winner is a fans’ favourite and the star of ‘What It Takes’, a film documenting his camp and preparations for his shot at the WBA and WBO king.

Ahead of the bout, that also has the vacant WBC title on the line, Campbell is shown as a loving son, a dedicated daddy to Leo and Lincoln and a loyal husband who hates spending so much time away from his Hull home training.

But, against the two-time Olympic winner and three-weight world champ, he will shelve his better-wouldn’t-melt smile and immaculate manners in an attempt to take Loma’s head clean off his shoulders.

Campbell said: “I treat everyone the same when I speak to them, I am never rude or nasty. If you treat me nice, I will treat you nice.

“But, when someone is trying to take your head off, you are going to want to be able to switch it on and take his head off, aren’t you?

“As soon as the bell goes, that is it, I am focused and I have a job to do.

“I am not going to try and guess his movement or punch where I think he it going to be. I am going to punch him exactly where he is stood.

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