Pornstar – Afrocandy Urges Otedola, Dangote to solve Nigeria’s power problem with their money


Afrocandy has “appealed” to Nigerian billionaires, Femi Otedola and Aliko Dangote to solve Nigeria’s power problem with their money instead of investing in a refinery.

The Nigerian porn star said this in response to Femi Otedola’s video of Aliko Dangote’s $ 13 billion steam generator for its refinery. Otedola had declared that the money spent on the generator by the richest man in Africa was money well spent.

“Visiting the Aliko Dangote Wonderland today. Witness the arrival of the Heat Recovery Steam Generator for my brother’s refinery. $13 billion dollars well spent. Inspiring @aliko_dangotegcon … F.Ote” he wrote.

Passing off a comment in reaction to the video, Afrocandy said the billionaires could add a little more to the $13 billion to fix the power problem in the country. According to the porn star, there won’t be any need of spending the large amount on buying generators which pollutes the the air if the power problem is fixed.

She wrote;

“This is wonderful but I think if you Sir and dangote join hands and maybe add a little more to that $13 billion dollars y’all can fix the power (light) problem I. Nigeria and there won’t be the need to spend such an Astronomical amount on buying generations which pollutes the the Air. It’s time wealthy people like you did something.”

Porn star, Afrocandy tells Otedola and Dangote to solve Nigeria

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